Left Hand Path Through The Snow

Left Hand Path Through The Snow

The Alchemy of Creative Relationships during the Winter Months

Someone recently asked us the meaning of this image, for they were planning to use it as the basis of a tattoo.

Our practice is primarily intuitive, and our themes come to us in images not words, so it's sometimes challenging to translate the visual into written form.

Today, during a run through the woods, and as Solstice 2022 quickly approaches, we had an epiphany about how to explain the meaning of this piece.

It is about how seasonal cycles affect both our inner worlds and outer environments, and the alchemical relationship between the two realms.

Like the catharsis one feels in the sublime serenity after a epic winter storm, it's about destruction enabling creativity,  breaking old patterns to create new paths, and how the physical landscape and seasonal shifts reflect and guide our change and rebirth.

Left Hand Path Through The Snow

$ 140.00

Giclée Print

17 inches by 22 inches including 1 inch border for framing
printed on Hahnemuhle Heavyweight 100% Cotton Rag Archival Paper with Archival Inks
Printed in studio and signed by Tin Can Forest
Shipped flat worldwide from Canada

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