A Cabbage in a Nutshell no.1

A Cabbage in a Nutshell #1 is the first installment of an anthrotheological mystery set in a bygone future as told from the vantage point of an occulttastically informed super-future.

Earthquake dreams of snowflake, as a restauranteur sharpens pencils in anticipation of a distant shoreline…and then…a forest burial passes by unmentioned throughout the entirety of the thirty two pages of A Cabbage in a Nutshell, and yet…and yet… the fungal aura insinuates itself in the shadowy peripheries of each and every colorful panel.


First Edition Published 2014 by Tin Can Forest Press
ISBN 978-0-9880222-1-8
32 pages, soft cover, full colour, 9“ x 9“
Printed in Canada on ©FSC paper containing
30 percent post-consumer waste
signed by the artists


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